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I'm an amateur cook who'd like to get really good at making pies. I've opted for the immersion method: between August 2011 and August 2012, I'm making at least one pie per week. On this blog, I'll share my pie progress.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gluten-Free Blueberry Cream Cheese

As promised, this post delves into the mysteries of the Blueberry Sour Cream/Cream Cheese pie.

This is one of my favorite recipes yet. This week's version is gluten-free, by virtue of using, not graham cracker crumbs, but crumbs from Annie's Gluten-Free Ginger Snap Bunnies. Which I expected to be a disappointment, but it's actually excellent; maybe better than the graham cracker version.

The real magic here is the blueberry-cream cheese axis. Sweet, sour, fresh and creamy.

This uses the same recipe as the last post; obviously the crust uses different ingredients. Also I used sugar this time instead of honey and maple syrup. Also I used less cream cheese: only 6 oz instead of 8 oz, due to a fatal error involving accidentally leaving the extra packet of cream cheese out in the sun for nine hours. It worked fine with less.

Here's the crumbs, getting delicious-ified.

Now let's add butter:

Then shape it!

And bake it!

Heating the berries:

Mixing the cream cheese:

Filling the shell with berries:

Layering on the topping (Keeping the purple out is difficult. I gave up early and just tried to even it out into a relatively even shade of violet):

Everything looks better with flowers:

Side views:

Lastly, some extra glamor shots (courtesy of coworker Chris M, whose photos add some extra glitz, here and at the top of the post)

One additional note to this post: Blueberries are delicious. Cream cheese is delicious. And be careful when you're bringing a pie into work to make sure your coworkers will actually eat it.


  1. Hey Ero,
    Can I post this on Florabella's blog? Flowers and cheesecake??!? You had me at flowers and cheesecake

  2. You bet. Heck, if I was in town I'd make one and bring it to the shop.